Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant - Robert Louis Stevenson.

History of Red Star AC

In 1990, one of the club's first athletes, Sam Howie, who is partially sighted, was interested in finding out how he could get involved in athletics at a competitive level. Having made some enquiries, he was eventually put in touch with Janice Eaglesham who, at the time, was working for the Outdoor Resource Centre in Glasgow.

Janice, and her partner Ian Mirfin, who worked at an Adult Training Centre in Glasgow, realised that there appeared to be a demand for more opportunities for people with disabilities to get involved in athletics. At that time, no club or local authority agency offered this kind of activity or support anywhere in Scotland!

In a very informal way, Janice and Ian began to organise training sessions on Monday and Thursday evenings, based at the Crownpoint Sports Complex in Crownpoint Road, Glasgow, or running in Glasgow Green. In December 1990, they decided that the club should get a more formal identity and the name Red Star Athletics Club was chosen. Any rumours that this name had been chosen because Red Star Belgrade had recently beaten Glasgow Rangers in the European Cup are pure conjecture - mind you Janice and Ian are both Kilmarnock fans!!

Since 1990, the club has continued to grow in every way. There are regularly around 50/60 members, of all ages, at any one time, the number of coaches has increased and the number of volunteer helpers has grown likewise. The club athletes now train beside athletes from Shettleston Harriers and this has proved to be of mutual benefit to everyone concerned.

Some athletes want to come along purely for fun and others want to aim at the highest possible level of competition. Since the club was set up, athletes have had success at national, international, Paralympic and Special Olympic level in many of the disability classes. You can find out more about the club's achievements on the Roll of Honour page.

In November 2011, the club celebrated its 21st birthday at a party in Hamilton. A large number of people who had had an involvement with the club turned up and a great night was had by all. Well done to everyone who was involved in the organisation, it was great! What a fabulous way to celebrate the first 21 years of such a fantastic club.

Cal Docherty, one of the club athletes, created a video about the club's first 21 years. You can view the video, in 2 parts, on YouTube at the following links: Cal Docherty Video Part 1 (6 minutes 11 seconds) and Cal Docherty Video Part 2 (8 minutes 42 seconds).

You can also view a selection of photos from the first 21 years of the club on the Red Star Facebook page.

If you would be interested in making a donation to help with the club running costs, or if you would like to join us as an athlete, volunteer or coach, please visit our Contacts page for further details.